Plane – Red Deal


Finished Product L x W x H – 300mm x 250mm x 170mm

Photo Gallery is of the Hardwood Version

This wood has been carefully selected to ensure quality but it is a natural product than can have minor defects.

Pack Contents

  • Production Drawing
  • Wood Machined to Size
  • This project contains Red Deal, Dowells
  • Chrome Plated Dome Head Screw

In This Project You Will Need To

  • Mark Out (Tri-Square, Marking Knife, Compass, Protractor, Pencil)
  • Gauge (Gauge)
  • Drill (Pillar Drill, Drill Bits, 72mm Hole Saw)
  • Trench (Chisel, Mallet)
  • Saw (Tenon Saw, Coping Saw)
  • Plane (Jack Plane)
  • Finish (Rasp. Sandpaper, Natural Oil)
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